Which Rollers?

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I'm doing a 250mile ride in July but am finding it difficult to get out on the bike for training so need to get myself some sort of indoor trainer. I've ruled out a turbo due to noise and hassle factor plus I'm not looking for high intensity so rollers look like the better choice for me. Only want to spend £150 max but there seems to be a few choices at this price point, is there a stand out model I should be looking at or are they all pretty much the same ?


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    I have the cyclops branded version of these (same but re-branded for cyclops). I like them a lot.

    http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/TRS ... ium_roller

    However, I would say that I find a turbo better for high intensity intervals. Rollers, particularly without any resistance, are good for longer tempo sessions - and anecdotally good for pedalling form etc.

    You can get a progressivevresistance version of he above rollers too..
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    If you were to decide on the Tacx Antares rollers, the cheapest place online is Rose Bikes

    http://www.rosebikes.co.uk/product/deta ... tAodUnIAYg

    £129 plus £7.60 trackable DHL delivery, standard price from them not a limited time offer.
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