Wheelset Advice - PX 52/60mm vs Mavic carbone SL or ?

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I'm just about to purchase a Ribble R872 and would like some Carbon clinchers; but are torn between a few different 50/60mm wheels; can i please have some advice on best option for Triathlon/IM with some good sized hills to boot!!

Options are:

Mavic cosmic carbone SL
Planet X 52 & 60mm carbon clinchers
Shimano RS80 50mm

Anything else better for same price £500-600 Tops; would be very much appreciated?



  • coeski
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    any input guys????
  • timujink
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    Im in the same boat, but looking mavic SLR's to bullet ultra's...

    Planet X, not sure on the quality... Campag, Mavic, Zipp, have years behind them... it counts... im sure other companies have better prices, but i dont want to have that it in the back of head when im sprinting like a maniac on 'cheaper' wheelsets...

    2015 Canyon Ultimate CF SLX
  • Tom Dean
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    Planet x may be less durable than the (much) more expensive brands, but they are not going to crumble under your sprint power :roll:

    OP, particularly if these are just for racing, tubs may be a better option if you want aero + light wheels at this price.
  • duckson
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    Wheelsmith 50mm / 24mm wide carbon clinchers with Novatec Superlites and Pillar spokes come out a smidge over your £600. I would guess-timate they would be circa 1500g so lighter than what you are looking at although they are full carbon and dont have an alloy brake track.
    Or he does carbon with alloy brake track for a bit less money but they weigh a bit more but i think a decent amount less than the branded stuff:- http://www.wheelsmith.co.uk/news/107-50 ... click-here
    Cheers, Stu
  • foggymike
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    The Wheelsmith rims mentioned above are both out of stock for a few weeks, but the standard width carbon clinchers are still available.

  • duckson
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    Build lead time on the R872 was 3 weeks a few weeks ago so likely get them both are a similar time.
    Cheers, Stu
  • coeski
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    Cheers for input guys; I think I'm gonna go with mavic cosmic carbone sl at £600 the wheel smiths look a good option, if you understood wheel option well; website options was a little confusing too

  • iPete
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    Doing Bolton IM?

    Was in the same boat myself, didn't bother in the end, was the right choice! Used my shallow/light wheels that I already owned. A pointy helmet will give you bigger gains but if you want the best looking wheels, by all means go deep! :D
  • ugo.santalucia
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    Why PX wheels should last less than more expensive brands?

    Most main street Carbon wheels brands don't even get to the end of one single spring classic, unless you believe the commentators on TV who blame a puncture for every single time Cancellara has to change his wheel during a race.
    In my experience the FMB tubulars he uses don't puncture... certainly not with that frequency
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