adding courses to garmin 510

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I've got a TT race coming up, and even through their are ment to be marshals and signs I'm not 100% confident in that (running race experience with signs placed in ditches.....)

So I'm looking to stick the course on my garmin 510.

Question though, can you manually input a route into garmin , then save it as a course? Or must you have ridden the route first

Haven't used my garmin courses functions Yet so no idea
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    If its the same as the 500, you can plot it on the garmin connect software and then upload it. I'd be surprised if its any different on 510.
  • The Garmin site is a bit hard to work with for these types of scenarios. What I've found is this:

    1. Manually plot the route with the Garmin site's map tools as Supermurph09 mentions. This works well enough, their tools are solid.
    2. Find a way to import an existing .gpx file. The trick here is that the file needs to be flagged as an actual *ride*, not a course from another site. Once you've imported the ride, create a course with it via Garmin's site and then import that course to your GPS. (Then delete the bogus ride entry :)).

    For me what I typically do is get something into and then save it as a ride. Export that file and import it into the Garmin site and covert it to a course. Seems to work the best for me when someone else has already created a .tcx or .gpx file that Garmin's site won't import.
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    Create your course on whatever software/website you use and save it to the PC or download it straight to the unit but make sure it drops into 'new courses' folder. Assuming the method is the same as the 800.
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    I was told to save the import file as a .tcx (and put it in 'New Courses')

    I used this at the weekend, it was useful, but it didn't tell me which direction along said course i should be going. Thus we ended up doing the reverse of the intended course.

    I don't know if using Garmin Connect gives it 'better' data or not, i will try it. I also need to try using one of my logged routes to try the 'virtual partner' bit.
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    I am finding it difficult to use too. I have imported the file fine onto the 510 by placing the file in the NewFiles in folder and then it appears in the Courses menu. Once loaded I hit the record button and off I go riding. Now the data fields are alright but when the map comes up there is no moving arrow, just what position I am heading. No arrow pointing the direction to go and it's not even showing the trail behind me.
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