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bureaucratic nonsense

KatzKatz Posts: 25
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I have decided to rent out my apartment. Apparently I have to have an Energy Performance Certificate. It arrived today and there are 2 recommendations. If I rip out the existing 5 year old high efficiency condensing boiler and have a new one installed this will cost about £3000 and will save me £15 per year. The heat recovery shower mixer device, It is a device that extracts heat from the waste water when the shower is used , will cost £725 and will save me £7 per year.
I have had to pay £75 for this nonsense. I would have to live to be 300 to benefit from any of this


  • asquitheaasquithea Posts: 145
    Vaguely useful for a prospective tenant, though.

    I'm in the process of buying a house, and the EPC gives me a rough idea of where a property sits on the [freezing cold] -> [asthma inducingly snug] scale.
  • SpainSteSpainSte Posts: 181
    ROI of 169 years! Sounds like a winner! :wink:
  • EPC'S will become increasingly popular for both landlords and tenants, especially as regulation begins to tighten up on low performance building stock. This £75 could also be a way to easily secure new tenants, so don't look at it as money wasted. One of the things tenants look for these days are high efficiency stocks, as this is "cool" and also cost effective compared to lower performing properties, and in some cases are the deciding factor as to whether a person will take a property.
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