Replacing Sealed Cartridges on Rear Hub

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I went to use my bike today and found that the bearings have completely seized up on the rear wheel. The bearings are sealed cartridge type and I don't really have much experience with them. Plus these are Supra RA24 (in-house Sensa) wheels for which I cannot find any documentation (some pictures attached).

I've done a bit of research but before I take a hammer (even a rubber one) to my wheel I could do with some re-assurance. Is the correct procedure:
Hit the axle from the drive-side until the bearing on the other side comes out.
Remove the freehub
Repeat for the other side

Also any suggestions for something to support hub when I am hitting? Is there a tool?

Thanks in advance.


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    I'd probably bore a hole in a piece of timber big enough to support the hub flange on the NDS. Hard to know how to take it apart without a drawing!
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    Thanks. I decided to the sensible (but slower) option of send it back as it should still be under guarantee.