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ivan16tivan16t Posts: 2
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I have Suntour SF12 Raidon X3 RL 29 air 100 fork and I would like to change it for
Rock shox reba rl for 29er. I'm interested if it would fit me? Can you please estimate my suntor fork?

Suntour SF12 Raidon X3 RL 29 air 100 ... 79&lang=DE

Rock shox reba rl
Travel: 100 mm
Weight: cca 1564g
Damping: Motion Control
Available Springs: Solo Air
Adjustments: External Rebound / Low Speed Compression to Lock / Air pressure via single Schrader valve,
Steerer: Aluminum 1.5 to 1 1/8" Taper
Crown: Forged, Hollow AL66 TV Aluminum
Upper Tubes: 32mm, 7000 series straight wall aluminum
Lowers: Magnesium, post mount disc brake
Maximum Rotor Size: 210mm
Color: Black
Remote: PushLoc Remote
Axle- 9 mm QR

And can you please tell me if this crankset would fit my bike? ... black.html

Frame:Ktm Ultra 29" Alloy M: 1241 Alloyframe 6061 triplebutted Headtube 1.1/8
Fork: Suntour SF12 Raidon X3 RL 29 air 100
Wheelset:Ryde Taurus 21 29" +hubs:Shimano Deore M595
Brakes:Shimano M445/M446 +Shimano RT53 180(deore xt or slx +deore xt rotor)
Front Derailleur:Shimano Deore xt
Rear Derailleur :Shimano Deore XT
Cassette:Shimano deore xt 10 speed
Chain:deore xt 10 speed
Crankset:Shimano M552 42-32-24
Tyres:Schwalbe Marathon Dureme 28x2,00
Gear shifters:deore xt


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    The Reba is a nice upgrade. The Raidon is a decent budget fork, but the Reba offers more adjustment, lighter weight and smoother performance.

    The crankset will fit - but you'd most likely need a new front derailer and new chain, and the gearing is different. Not worth it.
  • I too would like to know if you can put the XT "trekking" triple crankset with the 48-tooth wheel on the KTM Ultra 29 series.

    Obviously we are both hoping to maximise the top road speed attainable without having to pump the pedals like crazy.
    I see a lot of 29er bikes being offered with 40T chainwheels or even smaller. Since one of the principal benefits of 29" wheels is supposed to be that you can go 10% faster for the same crank rotation, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me to fit a 40T chainwheel in place of the 42Tor 44T you can get on a 26" MTB, it leaves you right back where you started.

    And if a 48T triple won't fit on this 29er, *is* there a 29er frame that it *will* fit? And what front and rear derailleurs will accommodate it? Information on this is very hard to find. If the specs on Shimano's website are to be believed they don't even make a pair of derailleurs with adequate capacity for their own 48T chainwheel, regardless of wheel size :x
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Re the mech - depends on the capacity, and a trekking type bike would likely have a bigger ring, but a smaller large cog than a mountain bike.
    Whether the crank fits depends on whether there's anything it will hit (like the chainstay) and whether you can move the mech up high enough.

    And higher top speed is not the principle benefit of a 29er.
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