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Airstreeem Wheels

leonpesticcioleonpesticcio Posts: 2
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So, does anyone know anything about this company and the quality of their wheels? I know they do TT bikes but I'm damned if I can find any kind of review or user test of the wheels that they sell.


  • Hi,

    All I know is they are new to UK after debut at London Bike show, I am in same situation as currently torn between the Alu wheels being sold on Sportpursuit website or a set of Mavic Elite's...all I do know is their website looks great, the wheels are light/stiff and their bikes look stunning!

    Only have one day to decide before offer ends on Sportpursuit and am tempted to go for them!
  • PaulPaulPaulPaul Posts: 1
    Airstreeem have been selling hand built wheels and bikes to pro teams in Europe for a few years. They launched in the UK this January and Twenty3c just signed them as a wheel sponsor so you will see their wheels competing in the IG Nocturne on 8th June in Smithfield market and in the Pearl Izumi tour. (
  • Hi Leon,

    I got a test set of the Carbon Aero 50s to play with this weekend. They're good. I can't comment on long-term durability, but on first impression they're light, fast and stop well. But rather loud.

    A more detailed review + a few pics here: http://how-im-doing-the-etape-du-tour.b ... reeem.html

    I hope that helps,

  • FransJacquesFransJacques Posts: 2,148
    Saw them at the show as well and they looked like something to consider on a wheel list:
    - they're a la mode with the wider rim
    - they're Austrian engineered. Austrians, like Germans, love mechanical stuff, invented car tuning, love solid engineering, and generally don't settle for bad quality. My experience.
    - True, a lot of sponsored Tri riders ride them, but I'd venture it's more b/c they got them for free rather than a commentary on the wheels' quality.

    Comments from: http://how-im-doing-the-etape-du-tour.b ... reeem.html

    "Now tubular tyres shouldn't really be ridden without a support car, as a puncture can't be fixed roadside, " - If that's your belief then you're correct that you shouldn't be riding tubs.

    "The brake coating was immediately noticeable, I had to open my brakes all the way for the wheels to roll freely "
    - not sure it's the coating, could it be these are different width rims from your existing wheels? Otherwise that'd be a lot of lacquer...
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  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,015
    There's a lot of first-time posters on this thread..?
  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    I would expect the Airstream wheels to be the same as all the other carbon deep section rims out there, just with different stickers.

    How much difference can there be in a carbon rim mated to some straight pull spokes on average hubs by a machine?
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