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Toddler helmets?

joenobodyjoenobody Posts: 563
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Just got a bike seat for my one year old lad. Looking in to helmets for him and all the toddler ones (he's got a 46cm head) seem to have naff patterns and things on them. Does anyone know where to look for a helmet that will fit that is just plain? Ideally it would also resemble (somewhat) a normal road helmet. Is that asking too much?


  • Percy VeraPercy Vera Posts: 1,103
    I had the same probelm.

    I bought a Giro Spree Kids Helmet - which was black with blue flames (red also available).
    He's 4 now and currently has an Abus Brooklyn but not sure how small they go.
  • mpattsmpatts Posts: 1,010
    ^^+1, only Amy's 'flames' were pink rabbits.
    Insert bike here:
  • meesterbondmeesterbond Posts: 1,240
    Junior Bond has a Specialized one with dinosaurs on it.

    Everyone loves dinosaurs...

    He's had it since he was about 1 I think.
  • jordan_217jordan_217 Posts: 2,580
    Bought my Son the Met Elfo S helmet in pirate livery. IIRC there are a few different designs to chose from. It seems well made and there's enough adjustability to get a secure fit. His is a size 46-53cm.

    Planet X are selling them for £14 at the mo: ... ids_helmet
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  • joenobodyjoenobody Posts: 563
    Thanks for the pointers. The Met helmet from Planet-X looks like it might be a good choice :) I know that goes against the "plain" requirement, but apparently the wife now has a say in the choice, and I think she'd probably go for one of these (and I'm not too offended by them ;) )
  • mallottmallott Posts: 31
    You need to be careful when buying helmets from the super cheap online retailers, Madison had huge problems with them selling grey import Giro helmets that were not CE marked.
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