Advice needed on Campag Khamsin wheels

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I am looking at upgrading my wheels - currently running the stock wheels that came with the bike, Barelli sealed hub.

I do mainly commuting, about 100 miles per week. I am 70kg, and ride mainly on the road, so the usual potholes to deal with.
I will be doing a few sportives as well as a few triathlons.
I have a very limited budget, so I am wondering if these are a decent upgrade or shall I just wait & save up a bit? ... -wheelset/

Advice appreciated
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    Ribble do them for £112 if that helps. I have a couple of pairs of Khamsins - one pair came on my Ribble and the other pair I got virtually unused for about £50 and I thought a second pair would be a useful backup. I must have a good 7000 miles on the second hand pair so far at the very least and they still have many, many miles in them. They are true and spin happily and freely despite going out on a daily basis in all weathers. The only servicing I've done is to clean and regrease the hub pawls but I'm not sure that was really necessary. The cartridge bearings are easy to replace but mine are fine so far.

    So they are certainly fine wheels though that doesn't mean they are the optimum spend. If your current wheels are working fine, then logic says use them until they don't unless they are particularly heavy - but note that whilst the Khamsins are not heavy neither are they lightweight wheels.
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