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Buying my first cycling specific clothing!

stovemanstoveman Posts: 125
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New to the forum and picking up loads of good advice.
I am about to start getting some cycling specific clothing as I wish to increase my milage and commute around 10 miles each way a day. :D
I cant seem to find a way through the mindfield of clothing available.
I am after padded long tights,I have a limited budget as just starting out and am a stocky (17st!) 5ft 8,
so would like any recommendations as to companies,deals and sizing issues.
I have done a search but this led to more confusion!




  • daniel_bdaniel_b Posts: 11,415

    as you are on a budget, it may well be worth popping along to Lidl, who have a cycling kit 'event' starting on Thursday:

    I use their socks and find them excellent, jerseys are ok, as are base layers and jackets imo, though nothing amazing.

    I have never ridden in any of their padded shorts or tights, and reading other forum posts this seems to be where they fall down - I did buy a pair of bib tights once, in small, but they were way too big and the pad felt poor, so I think they would have gone back anyhow.

    I started out getting jerseys/jackets etc from Aldi and Lidl, and then figured out what I wanted more performance from, and sourced bib shorts and jerseys in the sales from Prendas\Evans\Wiggle\CRC\PBK\Ribble etc etc.

    Having said that, for a commute, as long as you have comfy shorts, and a shower at the other end, Aldi/Lidl stuff is nye on perfect.
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  • danlikesbikesdanlikesbikes Posts: 3,898
    DHB from wiggle are always a good start point. Not to expensive, plenty of thickness options, no quibble free return options.

    Have also used a company called Tenn which are even lower priced but the quality may not be so good, but I still use their bibshorts for riding the rollers at home and they have not fallen apart yet.

    Other people recommend the Lidl sales that come up occasionally too
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  • goonzgoonz Posts: 3,106
    That some serious muscle mass you must have! I need to draft behind you! :)

    Depends what your budget is and whether you will be losing some of that bulk at all. If you will be then no point buying really expensive kit to begin with. I think Muddyfox range in Sports Direct is a cheap option as is the Aldi/Lidl stuff which usually gets highly rated.
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  • dab_32dab_32 Posts: 94
    Personally I get shorts and leg warmers, you have more options that way and can use the shorts in warm weather too saving you buying season specific stuff.

    I have these ... elID=16776 and find them great in the cold and fit in jersey pockets when it warms up.
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