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Cayo ultegra 2008 vs 2012 Cayo Evo

derekkingderekking Posts: 10
edited March 2013 in Road buying advice
Hi all

I have a 2008 Cayo that's immaculate and I love riding. I think after buying it that I got the wrong size (large not medium) but don't seem to suffer. Done lejog without and issues.

My riding now is 30-50 miles max but last year started sprint tri and no problem there. I'm never going to be a brown lee so not likely to be buying anything dedicated for tri.

My question or dilemma is wiggle are selling the Evo at the minute in a medium for 2k. Do you think I will notice the difference firstly with the change of kit and secondly by a better fitting bike. Can 2cm really make that much difference ?

Thanks for any thoughts


  • Frank poleFrank pole Posts: 112
    Probably not much difference in ride but world's apart in terms of looks -
  • ShutUpLegsShutUpLegs Posts: 3,522
    A better fitting bike may alter your position on the bike and improve power output.

    *But not guaranteed
  • derekkingderekking Posts: 10
    Thanks both.

    Agreed on looks.

    I have read quite a bit on bike fitting but never actually had it checked. Guess I just can't see how 2cm makes a difference. Although I guess it must !!

  • I worked in a shop where we stocked focus.
    The 2008 cayo was quite chunky and flexy, not very light with a generic looking simple frame.

    The new evo is lighter, its stiffer, its a completely different bike. I'm guessing there's a 250+ gram difference in the weight of the frame and fork.
    I rode the 2008 model for a week and was less than impressed. The new one is in a different league and.
    If you have a google you'll see the details.
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