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Anyone got any tips on a full service?
Been looking around and cheapest service is £50 plus parts.
Might have a go at it myself as halfords I don't trust and don't want to get ripped off.

How hard is it to do?

Carrera tdf stock parts.


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    diy, even if you need to buy a few tools, over a year or so it'll cost less and you'll have a better maintained bike is a good source of generic service/repair advice, but usually greatly overstates the tools required for some reason :-)
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    As Sungod says - DIY is the only sensible way to go. Youtube can also be good for service advice (but Park Tools still generally the best) - and the groupset manufacturer's online instrictions are often very helpful with setup instructions for gears and cable replacement etc.

    BikeRadar also has some good videos...

    Then you will need one of these!! :)
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    Can anyone list the tools required?
    So I can walk into a shop and buy them. I have an Allen key and a spanner. That's about all.
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    A bike is not a car. There are few thing that need to be seriviced preventatively. Cup and cone bearings ar that thing. Chains need changing before they ruin cassette (if you cassette is expensive that is) or before they break.

    Mostly a service is an inspection and then replace any parts that are worn to a point they affect the proper function of the bike or its safety. I will list for you and this is all a shop will do. In my shop I do not charge for the inspection just the labour involved in replacing parts and for the parts themseleves. The reason is an inspection takes minutes.

    Wheels - are they buckled, any loose spokes
    Rims- are they concave
    Hubs - remove wheel and turn axle is it smooth is there any play.
    Pads - are they worn - are they secure?
    Brake cables - when lever is pulled does it spring bac quickly - does the lever pull feel gritty in any way?
    Calipers - are they secure do they open and close freely?
    Headset - to the bars flop from side to side freely, is there any play
    Stem - is it secure
    Bars- are they secured
    Levers- are they secure
    Cranks - are they secure
    BB- with the chain off is there any girtty ness or resistance when the cranks are turned is there any play.
    Seat post- is it secure
    Saddle is it secure
    Mech - does the bike upshift and down shift as it should.
    Tyre, any buldges or nasty cracks
    Chain - is it worn (use a 12" ruler it cheap)

    If any of these thing are not yes then they need attention and replacement parts are needed. No shop in my opinion should charge for checking a bike. Just charge what what needs doing only, this is were most shops go wrong.

    If you want to make the trip down to Glemsford I show people this kind of thing and basic repairs for free as you need to know how!

    Basic tools needed, a good set of allen keys, chain breaker, 12" ruler (or chain checker), BB tool (they are various), spanners 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 13mm, 15mm, 17mm (are the most common), torque wrench ideally small and large range, bike cable cutters, HG cassette tool and a chain whip. Cheap tools will make your life more difficult. Buy good ones. Good tools can mean the difference between completely and job and rounding of a bolt or something similar (or the tool breaking levainf it half done). Also learn how to use them properly. -wheel building and other stuff.
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    Thanks for the info. Will have too bookmark this thread.

    Would love to pop down but it's a little far from Sheffield.

    Maybe add a video to your site for the free need to know how info.
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    I don't have a camera but that is a good idea. -wheel building and other stuff.