Fast Forward Hubs

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Does anyone know who makes Fast Forward's own brand hubs and are they any good compared to the upgrade option of DT240s?

Thanks :)


  • look565wong
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    Hi FoggyMike,

    I think they're Novatec, but I stand to be corrected!

    Sorry, I can't be for certain but I'm sure others will have a better idea.

    I'm thinking of the same thing, was looking at the F2R Tubular. Which one are you thinking if you don't mind me asking?


  • foggymike
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    Hi Chung,

    F4R for me - just choosing between the tubs and FCC's depending on if they are for racing or training too which I've not decided.

    I used to have the tubs and liked them - wish I'd kept them! The last set had the previous version of their own hubs which were a bit rough but I got them second hand so never knew the real milage or how they'd been looked after before I had them so I've still got an open mind. I'm going for new ones this time either way.


  • look565wong
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    Hi Mike,

    Interesting to hear about your previous experience regarding the FFRW hubs!
    Maybe I'll just go for the DTSwiss ones as they're only about £150 dearer than the standard ones. I think the hubs alone cost around £350-400 if bought separately. :mrgreen:

    Thanks for the heads-up!

    Happy Shopping.