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I´m looking to buy a bike, either new or second hand, circumstances mean there is no rush, I live overseas and it will be my UK bike.

I´ve been watching the sales section for some time and I´m surprised at some of the prices people request when selling a bike.

There is one at the moment, hardly used, it was new last summer and it is just 16 per cent below the new price. I don´t know about others but if someone is selling something so soon after buying it there are any number of reasons why and some of them would be of concern to a buyer. As a buyer if I purchase a second hand dud it´s hard luck, I can live with that, but to compensate for that possibility I won´t contemplate paying a nearly new price for something that remains second hand, however new and shiny it might be.

Is there a rule of thumb you would apply if buying second hand? In my head I have half the purchase price as an approximation.


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    Where overseas are you? Can you not get a new bike on a tax free deal?
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    Look at what stuff goes for on ebay as a rough indicator. I would expect to pay a little less on here. Half the retail price +- some % depending on condition/age is a starting point, but it's rarely as simple as that.

    The BR classifieds are odd. You see a lot of sellers asking way too much, and then you get some buyers making stupidly low offers. Good luck anyway, if you're prepared to wait you'll find a bargain for sure.
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    I´m in Spain, and want this bike for my visits home. I´ve missed a couple of decent buys just through circumstances, not being able to arrange a viewing at convenient times, having to return at short notice etc.
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    I've just bought myself a commuter second hand. Prices are high at the moment I found.

    I had a budget of £600 and expected to be able to take my pick and get something carbon with a decent groupset.

    There wasn't a huge amount about and what I did find was more than I expected.

    This looks like it could be an ebay bargain if it suits you in terms of location and price. I was watching it but went for something else instead... ... 5036299%26
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    Thanks for the heads up Chadders, that does look a good opportunity, unfortunately i´m in the wrong place at the moment.

    What did you buy in the end?
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    It's a strange one. I've ridden bikes for 20+ years and have bought and sold a fair few in that time, and generally even if selling something I'd bought new, the max I'd expect to get for it would be a 60-70% return even if it was mint and hardly used.

    It's something I've definitely noticed in our club, plenty of more recent converts to riding have bought new bikes and upgraded and don't seem to want to take a hit on the resale, certainly compared to those who've been riding for far longer. So, I concur with your observations, but as for the reasons for it, I've no idea!
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    I agree, its madness particulary when a lot of peole have access to cycle to work schemes. Taht shoudl bring the prices down as buyers only effectively paid 75% of retail (ish) and potential buyers can buy cheaper new on C2W vs the price of some 2nd hand bikes.

    I bpught my road bike a couple of years ago for for under £600 I got a 2 year bike, part carbon forks and rear stays and Ultegra groupset in really good condition
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