Verenti Insight Ultegra 2013 vs Raleigh SP Race 2012

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New to the forum and new to carbon road bikes - a Condor Fratello is as sporty as I've got so far. Seen these two bikes on Wiggle and both seem to be highly rated and would fit the bill as a weekend 50-100 miler. Does anyone have any views on which to go for? There is a third option - a Scott CR1 Pro that's heavily discounted. More money by quite some way (over £600) and struggling to justify unless advised that it's a better use of money in the long run. Any views appreciated.


  • dwanes
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    Honestly, just get the one you like the look of, as long as the size is right there wont be much to choose between them, and one won't be any faster than the other.
  • mr_poll
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    As dwanes says then go with your heart they are both similar spec wise and you will make the biggest difference not 100grams here or there.

    Personally for what its worth I would look to your local bike shop and get someone to fit a bike to you - as you increase you distances you will see the need for a bike that suits you rather than a discounted internet good deal.
  • Thanks guys - really appreciate this. I guess the message is to not be too hasty and go for what works best for me. Got to say that the Raleigh just didn't float my boat and I think getting a bike is often a head and heart thing (and maybe it also had something to do with hitting 'slip gear' on me grifter and coming off!). Thanks again!