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Canyon CF Range

garymwgarymw Posts: 36
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Anyone got any info on the Canyon bikes CF series,Im looking for an upgrade later on in the year and reading round bike reviews.I have now got a shortlist of around 10 :D:D , as I'm like a kid in a sweet shop,every time i look at one another takes my fancy,anyway.
I have looked at the Canyon CF 9.0 8.0 and 7.0.
Any helpful advice on these and the Canyon sales and delivery procedures,is it worth paying that bit more for the 9.0 that comes with Ultegra groupset or should i get a cheaper option on the 105 set on the 7.0,Im not a pro by any means just stepping up a notch from entry level bikes to more of a better range due to more interest in my cycling and more challenges.
Any help most welcome thanks. :? :? :D


  • muzzanmuzzan Posts: 203
    just got a CF 9.0. I'm certainly no pro either (only really just started tbh) but I followed the advice of getting the best bike you can afford at any given time. Thought the £300-odd diff between the 7.0 & 9.0 was well worth it for the ultegra upgrade & the better wheels. The 8.0 is a different matter as its campag of course. I tried campag on another bike & didn't like the thumb shifters so never really considered it. But if you like campag then this is probably slightly better value than the 9.0.

    So far I'm really enjoying the bike though only done 100-odd miles due to appalling weather up here. The ordering process was painless & I had the bike within a week. I've also just had a query re some noise from the front hub & they were helpful, so no complaints so far.
  • nunowoolmeznunowoolmez Posts: 865
    Jeez, there must have been a dozen Canyon threads in just tge last 2 weeks! Did you use the SEARCH facility? If not i would stringly advise this as there will be everything you need to know on previous threads. A lot of folk on here gave Canyons, including me, & they will all say they are top quality, best VFM, but the sizing can be a little tricksy. Whatever you get it will be ace. I just got a frameset & bunged stuff from another from another bike onto it, but the bikes are unbelievablely well specced. Do some of your own research & you should be able to answer your questions.
  • nunowoolmeznunowoolmez Posts: 865
    Sodding phone keypad!!!!
  • smoggystevesmoggysteve Posts: 2,909
    I see dozens of Canyons where I live, They are a very popular bike here. Only Focus seem to pop up more but thats only cos they are common as muck in Germany. Sizing wise, I think they have one of the best websites for sizing as they ask for all your measurements and tell you what should be right. Thats the only downfall with an online only dealer, you don't get chance to sit on one, unless you fancy a trip to Koblenz. There is a rumour they may be opening up a "Factory store" in Cologne up the road but its yet to be confirmed.
  • garymwgarymw Posts: 36
    Thanks for replies and information,really do like the look of them spec and that,only new to Bike Radar so didnt know i could search for Canyon topics.It is that it is on line purchase and not got the chance to sit or see one up close..unless one overtakes me on the road.
  • garymwgarymw Posts: 36
    muzzan wrote:
    Thanks I'm the same sort of stage as you by the sounds of it,really like the 9.0 due to spec but also the 7.0 is cheaper so at least i can dwell on it for a while as I am only in the first stages of researching an upgrade.Thanks
  • mikeneticmikenetic Posts: 486
    I have a CF 9.0

    The shifting on the Ultegra is much more snappy and the action is lighter than the shifting on my 105 (5700 series) equipped bike. Build quality on both is great, but the engineering seems a fair bit better on the Ultegra, as you'd expect.

    Also, the wheel package on the 9.0 is very good value.
  • garymwgarymw Posts: 36
    Yes thanks Mike,I suppose paying a bit more for the better spec may be worth it,just promised myself strictly not to go over £2000,and with Delivery and bike packaging it takes it just over the £2000,but looks best bet at the moment
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