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I have been all through my control panel but cannot find where to create my signiture?

Can anyone help




  • TommyEss
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    Head back to User Control Panel, and you're in "Overview" - to the right is a tab called "Profile"

    Profile tab opens up with "Edit Profile" - look to the left, and below "Edit profile" in red, is "Edit signature"

    You can use HTML codes to add hyperlinks etc as you would in any other post - so you can add links to flickr/picasa pictures of your bikes. Links only...

    Let me know how you get on!
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  • trekp1
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    Tks for reply.

    There seems to be a problem. The only options I have are

    edit profile
    edit avatar
    edit account settings

    Dont know why this is?

    Are new members not allowed a signature or has the site switched signatures off?
  • trekp1
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    Tommy, I just heard back from one of the admins. it appears that I am still to new a member to be able to have a signature.

    Tks for your help