Pedal cleat shoe advice plz

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Just looking at trying some clip less pedals,have looked on ebay for secondhand stuff and their seems a myriad of dif types. Any recommendations for the easiest to get to grips with for a newbie? I take it i need a pedal type such as spd then shoes nd the spd type cleat to go on them? Tia dave


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    Yep SPD pedals require SPD cleats (2 hole) and SPD-SL pedals require SPD-SL cleats (3 hole).

    If you wish to walk in your cycling shoes (not sure why you would be many seem to want to) then SPD are better. These are aimed at MTB, but are often used by road bikers who need to walk.

    SPD-SL are more road bike orientated and offer a larger platform so in theory are better for your feet.
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  • Thx smdsy ..will keep an eye out on ebay
  • if your looking for shoes when i brought mine i was advised to go try them on due to the fact that different makes varie in same size, so if your buying 2nd hand off ebay u wont be able send them back if they dont fit, you could try some in a lbs find out what size you need then look for them on ebay. I went for the shimano m520 pedals(mtb style) clip in both sides and can be brought new for £18(planet x) and brought shoes from a local lbs so i could try them on. i went for the mtb style shoe as i wanted to use for the commute to work aswell and have to walk from the bike shed.sports direct are selling shoes in the shops now again can be picked up for around £25. then you can see how you go on with them, i wouldnt go back to non clip pedals now.
  • Thx, have settled on some shimano r540 pedals cheap and good review from bike radar..don't tend to walk much jut do my local routes and head home so going with road pedals, will take advice and buy new shoes
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    R540's are great.

    Mine have done 5000 miles and still silky smooth. Shimano use the same bearings and clip system right across the range so it is really only posing to have anything else :-)

    I also have Ultegra ones (different bike) and they seem no better.
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  • Thx sounds a good choice then looking forward to falling sideways! Hehe