So bought an old Peugeot bike, trying to determine year.

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Paid £20 for it, needs new bar tape and tyres plus some TLC.

Anyone have any idea of age, i suspect about 1985 but not been able to find another example in the same design.


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    some hint's of where to check for date's :
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    Would do but sticker with number on is missing.
  • I'd agree with mid-80s as it's a bit more "retro" than my 525 Comp, as in the example here.

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    I'd go a touch earlier than 1985. Peugeots are tricky but I think suicide levers started disappearing in the early 80s. but then the printed head badge means it can't be too early.

    What I would do is google image search "Peugeot 198x" etc for every possible year and see what comes up. You might get lucky and find an identical model but otherwise, suicide levers, non aero brakes, printed head tube badge, the front and rear mechs and chainset will all help to narrow it down.
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    Is it this one?
    Challenge PH9 from 1983
    This site is also useful
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    I had one, second hand around '87, possibly earlier. Used to cycle to school on it.

    Not a classic bike - cheap components and gas pipe tubing. £20 seems fair.

    That isn't my old one as I hit a dog and bent the forks, which were replaced with chrome ones! Also it was smaller.