Upgrading Powertap equipped wheels for DA9000...?

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I have two Powertap equipped wheelsets, one with Open Pro rims the other Zipp 303. I've used them with 10 speed Shimano groupsets.

I'm thinking of trading up to a new DA9000 (11 speed) equipped bike but would obviously like to continue to use these two wheelsets. I read that the 11 speed freehubs are different to the 10 speed...?

My question therefore: Will I be able to get the freehubs (or whatever is needed) changed to make this possible? If the answer is "yes in theory" then are the new 11-speed freehubs readily available??

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  • amaferanga
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    11 speed freehubs are available for 15mm axle hubs as far as I can tell so if you've got those then you should be okay. Can't find any for 12mm axle hubs. Maybe email Paligap or Cyclepowermeters who should be able to tell you how/when you can get hold of one?
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  • IanTrcp
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    Thank you. I think that both of my Powertaps have the 15mm axles (just off to the garage to check) as they are recent-ish models. Assuming this is so, I just need to buy and fit these?

    http://www.paligap.cc/product.php?id=Cy ... mano-11spd)_5254
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    But it is the axle the same?
    It seems a bit too easy to just swap freehubs... at least the caps need to be different as there are no spacers any longer, I gather
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  • Let me know if you are selling your current freehubs :)