Is this cassette okay for my bike?

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I currently have a Shimano HG-50, 8-speed, 13-26 casette on my 2011 Specialized Allez 16 compact which is worn. I noticed this when recently replacing a stretched chain. I'm a bit confused about the choices out there but would like a slightly larger gear range but and am concerned my derealeur won't be able to accommodate a larger cassette. Part of my commute takes me through a very steep hill but there are also flat stretches where I'd like a bit more speed. Would a Shimano HG-51 11/28 fit the bill?


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    Probably. Going smaller at one end doesn't constitute any problem, it's going larger at the other end that can cause conflicts if you've only got a short dérailleur. However, going from 26 to 28 doesn't sound like it's too large a jump, even for shorter mechs.