Geometry Advice for new bike needed

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I need some help with regards to bike geometry to help narrow my search
Why? I have two fused vertebra in my neck (C5/C6) and the 'looking up' position is uncomfortable at best, physically impossible at worst

I'm currently bumbling around on a MTB, but have decided to go for something considerably lighter when my company's C2W scheme opens next month

Originally, I was looking at flat bar bikes - Scott Speedster 50, Giant Escape RX Disc etc etc, as I know a more upright position is fairly comfortable, I'm concerned that if I go for a 'proper' road bike, riding on/in the drops will prove too much, thus making buying a bike with drops a waste of time

So, I need some advice on what geometry will give me a more upright position to narrow my choices a bit, and save me going out and test riding everything in my price range - up to £700. At least I'll be able to go out with a list of four or five bikes

One more thing, if I do go for a road bike, how much control do you have over gears/brakes when riding on the hoods?



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    You get plenty of control riding on the hoods. I would guess that most people do 90 per cent of their riding in this position.
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    Dont right off getting a road bike for the sake of position. I too have L4 and L5 disc compressions, as yet I have not had to go down the surgery route as you sound to have. In my case I have had alot of trouble getting comfortable on bikes. My most recent bike build is the most comfortable yet. I have found that going shorter on the reach and having the saddle height and set back set up perfectly I only get dull pain on and off during rides. My back rarely completely siezes during rides. My current road bike is easily, if not more comfortable than my Giant escape flat bar that I used to commute to work on. Good luck with it, its took me a good few years to get the position sorted.
    Caveat - I buy and ride cheap, however, I reserve the right to advise on expensive kit that I have never actually used and possibly never will
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    Cheer for that guys, certainly makes me less apprehensive about getting a bike with drops.
    Good to hear someone has a similar problem - not really sure that's the right way to phrase it
    Yes Kirk, it is fused, about 15 years ago

    On an OT note, I once Googled my name (Andy Lee) and found a guy same age as me, who came off his MTB and did the same injury as me. He's now paralysed from the neck down, poor bugger :( guess ive been lucky