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Bit of advice plz

Cassette set on my road bike is spinning both ways thus nothing happens when i pedal

It's a defy 3 2010. It still has the same wheels that came with it,Giant Sport Road CR, Double Wall. It has shimano sora group set. I gave the hub a quick lube and it was fine. 25 miles later and it has done the same.

I've stripped the hub back and cleaned it out, but I didn't remove the freehub. It's still spinning round.

Any ideas



  • nicklouse
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    the freehub has gone. new one needed.
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    Pawls are sticking inside the freehub body.

    You can take the freehub off, give it a good blast of GT85/WD40 as you spin it which will free it up, but it's only a temporary fix.

    Freehubs aren't too expensive, but the last time I had to buy one it was cheaper to buy a whole new hub (and sell the leftover bits on eBay).

    Shimano Tech Docs will tell you which freehub bodies you can transplant onto your hub, although most Shimano road freehubs can be interchanged (Tiagra freehubs work on XT hubs too :roll: )
  • mcowan77
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    Cheers folks

    I had a feeling it was gone

    How domi know which one to buy??

  • Monty Dog
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    If the hub model numbers match i.e. FH-3500, then yes.
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