What width tubs to get?

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Hi, I'm looking for some advice on tubs for my track bike...

Obviously all cycling will be done on the velodrome (mostly an outdoor velodrome, so very smooth tarmac, but also occasional ventures to indoor tracks).

I'm going for some Continental Tempo tubs, and they are available in 19mm or 22mm widths, so which width should I go for?

There is a tiny weight difference between the 2 (40g, but I have more to lose from my gut for weight to be a serious consideration!). Also, the 19mm have a wider pressure range (160 - 220psi vs. 160 - 170psi for the 22mm).

So any suggestions which I should go for guys?


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    22mm - skinnier tyres have increased rolling resistance plus there's negligible aero benefit. It's unlikely that you'll notice much difference in tyre pressures above 160psi except they make a louder bang when they puncture!
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  • If you are to go with the Continentals go for the 22mm width More tyre surface contact especially on 250m tracks will mean less than chance of wheels slipping at lower speeds. I have 19mm's on one set of wheels and it was a mistake.

    There's a fair bit about tyre choice in the track forum.
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