Sram calliper barrel adjusters

ollie cb
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Evening all,

The barrel adjuster on my sram red calliper has broken as it seems to be made of metal similar to cheese.

it is the long metal part included in this part kit: ... hop_param=

what I am wondering is, would the long metal part from a force/rival part fit too? ie in this kit: ... =8-1-fkmr1

as it's half the price.
of course, the spring and two plastic parts included in the sram red kit are absolutely fine and don't need to be replaced.


  • ollie cb
    ollie cb Posts: 783
    Sorry to bump but does anyone know?

    Does anyone have some callipers lying around that they could look at please?
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    If they're any different to Shimano then I'll be slightly amazed. They'll certainly be the same as the parts on the other SRAM groups.
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  • ollie cb
    ollie cb Posts: 783
    Hi Des,

    I know you replied a while ago but I have only managed to do more research today.

    I had some BBB stops in my hand earlier which are replacement for shimano callipers as the LBS told me. Unfortunately, there were 3 variations between that stop and the replacement stops for sram red...

    the sram red one seems very long
    the sram red one is a slightly different diameter (although perhaps the same as that for other other sram stops)
    the sram red one has a different size thread pattern if that makes sense. however, again, this may be the same as other sram stops.

    So unfortunately, I cannot solve this issue unless i see a sram force/apex etc barrel adjuster.

    therefore, is there anyone either in Leicester or Dorking, Surrey (uni and home) that has a sram force calliper lying around? if so, I would be grateful if I could take a look.


    is there anyone anywhere else who has both a sram red adjuster and different adjuster that looks the same that could let me know?!

    thanks in advance.