gear shift rattle

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after recently purchasing a 2012 giant defy 4, i have noticed on the couple of runs out the gear shifter/brake seems to buzz or rattle a bit. the bike uses shamino 2300 gears and shifters. Is this a known issue or maybe there is something i can tighen or tweat to resolve it.. it can get annoying after a while as its noticably loud at times.

any help appreciated


  • zx6man
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    I find changing gear then back seems to cure it for me, also on 2300. Its only on occasion as well so never bothered to try solve it.
  • drlodge
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    I too have the 2300 levers, its the left one that rattles on mine but only in certain positions. There are 4 positions:
    (1) small chain ring (2) small chain ring out a bit (3) large chainring in a bit (4) large chain ring (fully out)

    Mine rattles at positions (2) and I think (4), must be the way its designed.
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