Good value factory built wheels?

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Just spotted these
Campagnolo Neutron Ultra Clinchers. £450 if you include the current 10% off campag stuff at Ribble. I wonder how they would compare to 23mm handbuilts. good reviews on Wiggle and Bike Radar.



  • rc856
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    Can't speak for handbuilts but I've got a set of Zondas and Shamal Ultra and really like both.
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  • maddog 2
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    good spot. Campag-only freehub though.
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  • It depends what you want to compare...
    People like to compare performance and there is nothing to compare in terms of speed I am afraid... What is the difference in performance between a BMW and the corresponding Audi? 5 bhp? Are you going to use them? Will one get you to Bristol earlier than the other?
    I am afraid your speed will be determined by your power output, wind, road surface, road traffic and signage, elevation profile and ride mates to a much greater extent than any wheel can do.

    there is a lot to compare in terms of looks, comfort of ride and running costs... if these are of interest... :wink:
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  • Monty Dog
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    Neutrons are a good, proven design. Big Maggy won P-Rx on a pair so few worries about durability. Unless you feel compelled to go for a heavier, deep-section rim which will give a harsher ride. I regret selling mine after I bought some Ksyrium SLs - Mavics were scrapped after the rims wore out and Mavic don't provide spares after 5 years.
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  • wasabi_m
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    Was riding neutrons for a few months last year and really liked them. Only around 1300g so ride nicely. Dance up hill.

    Now on khamsin so really notice the difference.