How to reduce saddle friction ?

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Have recently changed my road bike's saddle. (Felt SL, comes as stock with Felt F75)
While new shape is awesomely comfortable for me, the saddle's synthetic cover seems to have much more friction with my clothes, it literally sticks to my tights.

So I wonder if there are any sort of sprays or other remedies available to reduce friction and get some more free gliding.

Many thanks!


  • keef66
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    You could try some silicone furniture polish. On the saddle, not your @rse.

    Or some of that polymer car polish; that feels pretty slippy when it's buffed up. Not sure what it would do to the plastic though.
  • lawrences
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    I wouldn't put polish on your saddle you'll be sliding all over the shop.

    let your ass cheeks naturally "polish" it smooth.
  • polyx
    polyx Posts: 112
    Cheers guys,

    I'll see if it improves over time, if not - will spray furniture spray )

    Many thanks!