Litespeed Sienna sizing on eBay (sanity check)

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I've seen this Sienna on eBay and although it's advertised as a 56 the chap claims to have taken that measurement from the Center of the BB to the Top of the seat tube.

Judging by this sizing guide that actually makes it a 59 or 61.

I have tried discussing it with him but he's claimed to have had several assessments on how to measure road bikes and seems adamant it's a 56?

On a side note, he's 5'10 and it's too big for him, surely that should have set alarm bells off about the size?

Having worked in a few bike shops over the years am I a) correct b) going mad or c) behind the times?


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    Errr... why don't you just ask him for the top tube measurement? Looking at the headtube it appears to be an XL or XXL.
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  • I did but he hasn't provided it, he's just claiming
    I have had a number of assesments as to how a road bike is sized!

    I've told him to ask for his money back if he paid for those assessments. I will update if he confirms the size of the top tube..