How to remove bearing inner race from steerer tube

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I want to change a bearing in the headset but the bearing inner race (1st pic) seems to be stuck solid around the lower crown race on the steerer tube. The bearing outer race (2nd pic) slides off easily over the inner one. Any tools out there for the job or any suggestions.




  • I did the same job recently. I used a blunt edge (flat screwdriver/bottle opener on a swiss army knife) to prise round the crown, tapping gently with a rubber mallet and rotating the fork bit by bit. It looks like you've a nice carbon steerer there, so don't use anything sharp to prise it off!

    It took a while, but gradually came off.

    It might not be the professional way to do it, but it worked for me!
  • mercia_man
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    I used the same technique as muso recently, using a regular screwdriver and metal hammer, on a steel fork and steerer. I put a bit of penetrating oil on beforehand to get between the race and steerer. Not sure about the use of oil on carbon, however. Delicate tapping to get it starting to move, then it comes off fairly easily. But make sure you move it up the steerer evenly.
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    Same as above. Are you replacing both new for old? I swap mine periodically to increase life span.
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    Crown race remover or get your LBS to remove it rather than bodging it: ... cts_id=652
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • I went with the flat head screwdriver and hammer in the end. Came off after about 15 mins of tapping. Replaced it with a new bearing and put plenty of teflon grease on the crown race. Thanks for the advice.