BB30 bearings

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I discern absolutely no play or have any noise or whatever coming from the bb area, so no real reason to exchange the bb30 bearings. The bike is now in its 4 th year and has done sufficient mileage but not excessive.
I going to get a set of bearings as part of my spare parts cupboard. £18 a set.
Just seen some FSA ceramics for over £130 though.. er whats the point of those...? will outlast the frame?


  • Bozman
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    I thought about ceramic but i took the part number to a bearing distributor and purchased a standard pair for £12.
    My bearings felt ok but when i took the crankset off and ran the bearing with my fingers, you could feel some friction and when i bought the new bearings the difference was noticable.
  • jgsi
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    Will check before spring actually springs... Did u swap it yourself with the puller and press tools?