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Cannondale Synapse & Bianchi Via Nirone

boris01boris01 Posts: 34
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Am looking at these two as options for all year riding, training and commuting. Am lucky enough to own a carbon Madone as my 'best bike' I want something a little more forgiving and have a £1200 budget. For that I'm looking for the best possible combination of frame and components of course. I'm used to Shimano on previous bikes I've had.

Anyone got an opinion as to whether a carbon frame Synapse is worth stepping up to vs. the aluminium versions of these two bikes? The ride into work is back roads and suburbia - lots of crappy surfaces to deal with.

The alu Synapse is mostly Tiagra (or there is a 105 option) as is the Carbon Synapse. The Via Nirone is Tiagra or there is the Campy Xenon (but I'd dismissed that simply due to my Campy ignorance).

Any thoughts, observations and insights really welcome.



  • CalpolCalpol Posts: 1,039
    Both good bikes so I don't think you will go wrong with either of them. I think for £1200 you could probably do better as neither is particularly good value at that price point. In particular I always feel that whilst I love the look of Bianchi's they are over priced. Xenon is the bottom of the Campagnolo drivetrain. My bike has Veloce which is adequate but not as slick and efficient as say Shimano 105. there aslways seem to be plenty Via Nirones about in the 2nd hand market. eg below

    If that was winnable for c£500 it would leave plenty scope for upgrading the wheels, shifters and rear mech to something better. FWIW I think they look great especially in the celeste and they are comfortable to ride. Overall spend could be well under £1000.

    The cannondale gets good reviews but it doesn't do much for me in aesthetic terms. I think if it was a second carbon bike I would be looking at a Ribble and custom building the spec.
  • I've considered the second hand route but it seems that the Bianchi's hold their value very well. Maybe it's worth going down that road again however a couple of bad experiences did put me off a bit to be honest.

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