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Cateye Strada Double Wireless CC-RD400DW - review

bazzer2bazzer2 Posts: 189
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I got a new bike and wanted to put a new computer on it, as I have done since I bought my first new bike way back in the early '90s. When I bought my last road bike I chatted up the salesman to include a Cateye Cadence (v3?) wired computer, and fit it. As it turns out they did a censored job fitting it and I had to refit it myself, to put the cadence and speed sensors on the non- drive side (honestly!) but I really liked that computer, it's a nice piece of kit.

So my new bike. I didn't want to upset it's classy lines with any cables, we're part of the digital age now so I wanted something without wires. I looked around and saw that Cateye sell a 'double wireless' version of the cadence computer I already had. So after much searching for the best price, I placed an order with Tredz - who promptly told me it was out of stock and would I like to back order... "Yes, of course" I said.

After a couple weeks, the order was fulfilled and I got the computer attached to the bike. Very easy, simple setup as before. The display wasn't quite 'right' but I figured it might be the viewing angle and when it was on the bike it might be ok. I used it for a session on the turbo and I noticed it was slow to respond, but not so slow it was unusable.

It wasn't for another week before I could actually get outside and road test it. But it was quickly very obvious I wasn't going to be happy. This thing rattles!! I didn't notice at first, until I got to a road without any traffic - but when you hear the noise the thing makes you can pick it up even in traffic. I think it might be because it shares the same design with the wired version, but obviously there are no springy contacts on the back between the bracket and the computer, there's nothing providing that constant pressure.

So in summary, it's rattly, the display is feint and slow to respond and it's frankly shoddy when compared to the wired version.

Incidentally, I returned it to Tredz who fully refunded me with no problems - great communication and a pleasure to deal with.


  • petemadocpetemadoc Posts: 2,331
    I used one of these for 3 years and it was pretty good really. Solved the rattle with a bit of blur tack behind the computer.
  • Hmmm, how strange. I've got the non-cadence Strada wireless and it's rock solid when clipped on. Odd that they would change the design of the mount between two models so similar.
  • bazzer2bazzer2 Posts: 189
    I couldn't comment on the non-cadence Strada, but th emount is identical to the wired cadence version. The computer itself has a larger lump on the bottom, and is heavier than the wired version, and, as above, there is no constant pressure applied via spring loaded contacts.

    And no, Blu tak is not an option when you've spent £60 on a quality piece of kit!
  • I have the non cadence version.. No issues with the display for me unless the battery is needing changed. As for the mount it was solid when new but rattles a bit now. Solved for me with an old piece of bar tape on the stem under the head unit.
  • DrLexDrLex Posts: 2,142
    Oh, and powerful LED front lights swamp any signal, so pretty useless for rides in dusk/darkness.
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