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Summer project.....

jimmybloomjimmybloom Posts: 82
edited February 2013 in Road buying advice
So i'm thinking of giving the 'winter' rig a once over when the weather gets better and I don't needs it's duties daily. Basically she's getting a little tired and I was thinking a respray and update at the same time.
Will stay with campag for the group, a veloce/centaur mix (already have a chainset).
Also got wheels I can use until I put something more suitable together - suggestions welcome on that front, will be for commuting/winter use so needs to be a little rugged.....
Will probably do new bars/stem too, again suggestions welcome.
What colour to go with is my main dilemma, I like the red/yellow it is now, but i've not had a black bike in a while..

Got a few ideas in mind, but I'm not in any rush, plus i'm rubbish at making decisions! :)

What do you good people think?

This is as she stands now...

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