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Recommend me a turbo trainer

crakercraker Posts: 1,739
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I've had a dodgy knee that's keeping me off the bike. My physio has suggested getting a turbo so I can build my strength up gradually. Any recommendations? I'd thought of spending about £150 but would rather spend less.

Noise isn't (much of) an issue and at this stage I can't see wanting to change the resistance from the handlebars.

Thanks for your advice. I'm open to offers if you've got one locally (Bristol / S. Wales).



  • evs78evs78 Posts: 133
    I picked up a cycleops jet fluid 2 on the forum for about £120 last year, which still seems to be the going rate from a couple of recent sales. Easy to set up, reasonably quiet and resistance changes with gears so plenty enough range.

    I get plenty of use out of mine so recommended (I was sceptical at the time of purchase!).
    All the gear and no idea...
  • Have a look at CycleOps Magneto trainers.

    I have a Classic Magneto Turbo trainer which you'll find on Wiggle for £189. There is also one there for £139. If you shop around you can get them significantly cheaper. I picked mine up for £147.

    It was a bit fiddly to set up at first but once going its a great piece of kit. Resistance increases depending what gear you are in and it seems pretty quiet.
  • BikeSwanBikeSwan Posts: 260
    CycleOps has a great reputation and I know several people who have had CycleOps trainers for years and have never had a problem. I have Tacx equipment myself (Trainer & Roller) and I find them really great!
  • crakercraker Posts: 1,739
    Cheers for the replies. I've jumped and got a cheepie thing off Amazon "Bike Magnetic Turbo Trainer Variable Speed Mk2". If the physio say 'buy shiny bike bits' I just have to get on with it. Time to set up that dungeon..
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