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Ok, so having had to reduce my budget and now buying a 2013 spec allez sport, I intend to run it "as is" until the summer and then probably upgrade the wheels as I believe these will make the biggest difference along with tyres to the overall weight and handling.

What wheels are worth upgrading to? eg probably dont want to go too cheap as it wont make much of an upgrade, equally spending too much probably isnt worth it either, so wondering what a happy medium would be.

Any ideas?


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    what would you class as cheap, or too much? I got a 2012 Tricross and it came with Alex S480 wheels which are very heavy, but i believe they are also on some Allez models, although I'm not sure which. I got a set of Fulcrum Racing 5 to change with some conti GP4000s tyres and they made a HUGE difference. Cost £155 for the wheels, and i think the tyres were about £40 so a nice upgrade for sub £200 I think the Racing 3s are quite a step up in terms of weight saving from the 5 but you pay for it.
  • shallow rim options:

    -I very much like Stan Notube Alpha 340.

    It comes in Pro, sport and team if I remember correctly, price and weight comes accordingly.

    -Fucrum racing 1 or 0.

    -Mavic Ksyrium elite SL (or SR)

    or go hand build with for example H+plus son Archetype with hub and spokes of your choice (i.e. alchemy e.l.f. & o.r.c.).

    These are extremely reliable, fast engaging, smooth, strong and light wheels. Worth the upgrade.

    Deep rim options:

    -Williams system 38 -58 -85

    -& many many more

    These might be on the high end of medium but please specify your given budget!

    Maybe it's worth mentioning what kind of riding (racing?) you do. And if you prefer a snappy acceleration over carrying momentum, stiffness vs. compliance etc.
  • I reckon around the 200 mark would be a good starting point.
    Riding mainly B roads with lots of hills (surrey/hants border) so lots of climbing and small sprints.
    Interesting info so far many thanks
  • I would ignore the advice for Alchemy Elf hubs, they cost as much as a second hand car...

    It is difficult to give you any upgrade advice without knowing your weight, how much/often you ride, how much of it is in the wet etc... the bike brand you ride is irrelevant
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  • ah ok.
    Im approx 72Kgs, currently ride about 70km's per week totally off road (MTB) and will be looking at 20-25 miles per ride 2-3 times per week (lunch time spins). Mainly dry, not confident on road yet to take on wet tarmac with skinny tyres :D
  • Ps. riding in surrey/hants borders with lots of hills and quick sprints.
  • If you want ready made wheels from a major brand, I think that even in 2013 the Mavic Ksyrium Elite are the ones to beat. it is just a matter of finding the right offer and grabbing them for 300 or so.

    If you want to go the bespoke route, then of course there are lots of options and if you have a bit of time you can get addicted to my blog about wheels


    That said, an upgrade seems premature if you are not that confident on the road yet.. maybe an upsize in tyres is the best way to go.. 28 mm if your frame can take them
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