which bike?

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Hello, looking at getting a second bike, got a specialized allez at the moment and last summer tried some hills and found i was struggling up them, not sure if it was because of the bike or i'm just not use to hills! Anyway, looking at getting another bike, either cannondale synapse sora triple '13 or boardman road race bike 2012/2013, from Halfords, so was wondering if anyone has had any dealings with either bike, would appreciate any feedback about them,




  • lc1981
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    I doubt that a new bike is going to help you much on the hills, unless it is significantly lighter or has lower gearing. You could achieve the latter by investing in a new cassette or chainset.
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    Even the best bike in the world v your Allez will not make any (major) difference to your hill climbing performance.

    As with many things in life its no more complicated than hard work.

    Ride up hills more and spend the money you save on beer and women.
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