Recommend shoes for M324 pedals?

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I'm so very NEARLY there!

I bought myself a cheapish turbo on Tuesday, and I'm really just needing a decent pair of road shoes to use with my M324 combination pedals, then hopefully (fat chance!) i'll be done with spending for a while! ... delID=5937

My understanding (limited as it is) is that the M324 are SPD cleats and therefore not really ideal for road cycling. Is that the case? Should i be relegating them to my towney bike?

If not, can anyone recommend a decent set of shoes (budget less than £70) for use with them? I'm not too fussed about weight, but would like a proper road shoe with a little bit of comfort. Value is more important than bottom-line price, so could stretch the budget for the right thing.

Sorry to keep asking all these questions! I promise (hope!) I'm almost done with the "buying" lark!!


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    M324's have SPD on one side and a normal pedal on the other so are often used on commuters for when you're constantly clipping in and out or for dual use, e.g. commuting and popping to the shops.

    So, you could just use trainers for the time being...

    For shoes, you really need to go and try some on as the sizes seem to vary wildly, even within the same brand! at under £100 (and arguably over that price too) they are really much of a muchness and getting ones that fit properly is the most important thing.

    BTW, SPDs are perfectly fine for road use, some people use nothing else.
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    By the fact that you have bought double sided pedals, I am guessing that you arent ready to commit to SPDs yet. On that basis, you may want to get some shoes that also look reasonable for normal wear and you can walk sensibly in. I have some mission northwave shoes (reviewed on bikeradar) that I really love. This means when I cycle to work, I can wear the same shoes all day without looking stupid. It also means that if you dont get on with the SPDs, you can still use the shoes as normal shoes.

    Not as stiff as proper cycling shoes, but then thats kindof the point of them. Still work well though - I did over 3000 miles in mine last year including 70-80 sportives.