Name the gear cable end

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Ok folks here is today's quiz - what type of gear cables are these? Both were sold to me as SRAM Shim 1.1mm cables. The smaller (left) one has been fitted and worked fine in my SRAM APEX shifters for the last year or so. Re my other thread below why are these different? Does anyone know if the smaller one is Campag specific (but will work in SRAM Shim)? Is the larger one actually the right one for SRAM road shifters - help me please - it drives me nuts not knowing this kind of thing :? ?




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    The left hand one does look like a campag cable end (rounded end and slimmer). I guess it'll fit as it's smaller (but not the other way round) but as the contact area against the 'stop' is smaller, there may be a greater risk of wear and failure.
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    Does it have a (C) imprinted on the side? Then it's an original Campag part (it doesn't need to have this to be campag compatible though - as other companies make them).

    for comparison from (CRC), see:


  • g00se you are the man ! :D They are Campag and they do have a small C printed on the side (my close vision is sh*t but my wife can read it) - the larger ones have JS printed on them. Honest I did search to try to find images of these before I posted this question and sincere apologies I didn't find that CRC one.

    Thank you very much.