Campag 11 speed cassette

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I'm struggling to find a supplier who can offer a custom campag 11 speed cassette as the off the shelf options from campag don't offer what I'd like.
Ideally I'm looking for 13,14,15,16,17,19,21,23,25,27,29 I know campag offer a 12-29 but this leaves relatively big jumps from the 23 cog upwards.
Any ideas?


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    Overall, it can surely only leave one bigger jump unless the jumps at the smaller end are smaller (if you see what I mean).

    Also, by the time you are getting onto the bigger sprockets, fine tuning cadence maybe matters less anyway. I have a 13-29 in ten speed and it works for me. Presumably for 11 they just added a 12 to the same set of ratios.

    Is there anything between 25 and 29 in the range - you could maybe make up a Frankencassette from two.
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  • Campag goes 23,26,29 or 23,25,27 but I'd like to keep to 25 & 27, I rarley use the 12 sprocket so thought I nice way of keeping the ratios reasonably close would be to start at 13 unfortunately campag don't seem to agree. The last 3 sprockets on the block are a set so I don't think you can change individual cogs.

    I know Miche build custom cassettes but the price is extremely high.
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    The last 3 sprockets on the block are a set so I don't think you can change individual cogs.

    That's curious - they are all individual on 10 speed. Mind you, it's not just about finding the individual sprockets - they have to have the right ramp positions as well though I believe the sprockets are marked in some way to identify this.
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    The Miche Primato 11-speed cassette comes in 12-29 but I can't find a breakdown of the actual sprockets. Seems to be about £70.
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    There is a seller on ebay that offers Campag compatible 11 speed cassettes (Miche) with the option to customise your ratio. ... 22c&_uhb=1

    No idea about the quality, but answers your question and cheaper than Campag original