CBR Corsa - Worth a gamble?

neilluxford Posts: 18
edited January 2013 in Road buying advice
Hello all

I am looking to pick up a cheap road bike and have come across the CBR (Claud Butler racing) Corsa on Amazon. The bike was £395 and is down to £233 so with the stack of Amazon vouchers I have would cost me around £100. I was all set on getting a btwin but with the vouchers this one has got my attention. They also have some other such as the Viking Giro at a similar price.

I am under no illusions that either of these bikes are going to be great, the Corsa on paper has reasonable specs (for the money) actually looks pretty nice. I am normally an advocate of buy cheap buy twice and If I was having to pay the full amount I’d probably put the extra £60 and get the btwin or maybe wait a bit and get something even better but for around £100 it seems to be almost worth the gamble.

Anybody have any experience with this bike? I found one review online which was actually pretty positive but this person seems to be selling them so I’d take that one under advisement.

Many Thanks