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Hi guys. Im sure every one is sick of threads like these but i have scoured pages on this forum and cant find a definitive answer so here goes. I have just bought my first road bike which is full carbon and cost abit so i am eager to keep it in perfect order. i live in scotland and the roads are always salted to my drive train is always minting with salt and all the nasties that come with it. After cleaning my chain and scrubbing my derailures what oil should i be applying to the chain and the derailures? as i am in scotland you can imagine the weather and also the added salt problems i don't know which lubes would be best.


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    i clean with WD40 wipe throughly and they apply morgan race oil
    works well for me, best tip is to clean down after each ride
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    Depends how often you're prepared to do it;

    a) often = Use quicklink to remove chain, dunk in can of white spirit or diesel, shake/brush, remove, wash in hot soapy water, dry. I then drop chain in container of light motor oil overnight. Wipe excess oil off thoroughly, replace chain. Lasts about a week.

    b) not often = Wipe as much crap off as possible, using WD40 or similar. Use sticky wet weather chain lube. Lasts about 2 weeks.

    (b) will not remove all the fine grit around the rollers, and the chain will sound like crap for the 1st few kms.
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    quicklink on the chain will make cleaning much easier

    if you're riding wet roads a lot, there are some things you can do to reduce the chance of future problems...

    if the bb is threaded, remove the bb, put antiseize on threads

    remove pedals, put antiseize on threads

    if the seatpost is alloy, remove and apply assembly compound over the full area that will be inside the seat tube, it'll reduce the clamping force needed and help avoid corrosion binding the post in place

    ...for the odd wet ride it's less of an issue, but a bit of preparation can avoid discovering seized parts 2-3 years down the road when it comes to replacement time

    if roads are salty, a proper hose down (not a pressure washer) with plenty of clean water will help avoid corrosion, especially where there are dissimilar metals in contact
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    To answer your question quickly.
    Just buy some 'Finish Line Wet Lube' and use that on your chain and derailleur. Good stuff in your weather.