Stuck front quick release

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Hi Guys,

Hoping that someone can help..

Trying to get the front wheel off and the quick release is just completely stuck. The nut on the opposite end of the lever wont rotate at all (the handle side turns, but makes a grinding sound). I've sprayed with WD-40 et al but it appears to make no difference.

Has anyone got any experience of the quick release not turning as required?

Orbea Orca OMX DI2 MyO
Kinesis 4s Di2


  • Could possibly be a cover on the nut side that is spinning instead of spinning the actual nut. Maybe check if it is a cover and see if you can get it off?

    When you do get it off planet x have cheap replacement skewers.

    Good luck.
  • teebs_123
    teebs_123 Posts: 357
    Thanks I'll have a look.I think the salt and water has corroded it. I had the rear one off and the QR on that side was pretty bad. Lesson learnt!
    Orbea Orca OMX DI2 MyO
    Kinesis 4s Di2
  • Yeah I've been having issues with my front one getting tight over the last few weeks. Had it off yesterday and applied some grease which seemed to help. The replacements from planet x are only £6.50 delivered so will probably just replace them just in case.