Wiggle delivery times this week - who should I blame?

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I ordered a new bag last Friday, still no sign, I had the dispatched email on Saturday but I assume the don't actually post things on a Saturday.

Anyone else had any problems with deliveries in the snow?nthe website says things are fine and we're getting the regular post. I want my bag :evil: gotta get my laptop back to work on Monday and my other bag is pap.
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  • I made an order on Wednesday and it arrived this morning. I've only ever waited 2-3 days after the dispatch email. It's more likely to be Royal Mail.

  • Ordered 3 separate things this week, using the free delivery option, and they all arrived within 2 days of the order. Pretty good IMO.
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  • jameses
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    Definitely been having problems here (Cardiff). Ordered a few things last friday and saturday, first only arrived today.
  • 1 week for a set of brake blocks, only to be sent the incorrect type :roll:

    I blame mmmmmmm.
    All the gear, but no idea...
  • Ordered some stuff last saturday dinnertime........ arrived monday!!!
  • sigorman85
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    The snow and bad weather
    When i die I just hope the wife doesn't sell my stuff for what I told her I paid for it other wise someone will be getting a mega deal!!!

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  • davem399
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    I ordered bits and pieces Wednesday lunchtime, went for the free delivery option but they turned up Thursday lunchtime. Considering the weather, etc, that's good service.
  • Hf21
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    email them mate and keep nagging i ordered a bike on the 8th of this month and recieved it on the 21st. i emailed them and was told it wad in the que about 5 days later re emailed them and was told there computer and messed my order up and it wasnt even on the system but after that it was quick delivery.
  • smoggysteve
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    Believe it or not, not all Wiggle items you order come from a big depot they own. Sometimes they are 3rd party. Bit like ordering from Amazon. A few months ago I ordered a few items to be delivered to Germany. Some arrived 3 days later and some took ages. When I emailed them to ask where the items were, they told me the supplier had not dispatched them yet. Can be a bit problematic as at least with Amazon you know its its coming from them or a 3rd party seller. Whereas just because its on their web page does not mean its held in Wiggles Depot.
  • prawny
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    I dropped them an email anyway, haven't heard back yet. I haven't used them for ages, seems like the service isn't as great as it used to be, not so cheap these days either. Bloomin mainstream sports.

    It's a dhb bag btw, so I would assume they keep the stock of them at their warehouse but maybe not. I'll continue to wait :(
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