New tyres now?

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Just ordered a set of GP4000S 25mm to replace my Open Pave's which died today after 3k miles (this is their second winter so I am ok with that I just fancied a change to try GPs and thier cheaper). Its just occurred to me though - how many of the experienced folks on here would fit new GP4000s at this time of year?

I don't have any old tyres to tide me over so if its generally/universaly considered unwise to fit new GPs now it would mean I would have to buy something else to use until spring.

Whats the opinions - fit and take the hit on early winter miles as I would expect/hope to still be able to use the GPs next winter (got just about two complete winters out the Paves). To be honest though I a finding it difficult to tell muc difference between winter and other seasons riding as I don't go out in ice or snow and it seems like its always raining and pretty cold year round!