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New Wheels for a Roubaix SL3

rob585rob585 Posts: 4
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I have a Specialized Roubaix SL3 2013, with Ultegra group set and DT Swiss wheels, I am thinking of getting a new set of wheels for and I am looking for advice on what to get.

I am thinking about this for two reasons: Firstly there is a problem with one of the wheels, so its being fixed under warranty, which takes me off the road for a week or so. This is motivating me as I don't want to off the road for the need of a wheel either now or in the future. Also, I read about people upgrading these wheels quite a bit. At the moment I am mainly doing 100Km+ rides at the weekends (alone in the Surrey hills for training, rather than sportives) but will be moving to 40km time trials in the summer. With this in mind I was wondering what would be a good wheel to get. Should I get a set of "racing wheels"? I don't feel fast enough to deserve anything too flash! Should I buy a rear wheel and then a front wheel? Or do I need to get them in pairs?

I may later consider getting a time trial bike, but at the moment, I don't need to. But any racing wheels should be considered with this in mind....I think. I am looking for advice really

Thanks in advance


  • northpolenorthpole Posts: 1,499
    It might be an idea for you to hook up with a group like the Kingston Wheelers who go out on group rides through the Surrey Hills on weekends. They will provide company and give you a good idea on how your fitness levels are improving and you'll also be able to get advice on wheels etc which may be a suitable upgrade/ stick with what you've got.

    Once you have your existing wheels sorted out, unless they are poor quality, I wouldn't be expecting to have to touch them for another couple of years. If they continue to fail, I'd expect to get a replacement set on a brand new bike (which I presume is what you have).

    I would suggest that wheels suitable for time trials (aero) are not going to share similar specifications to wheels suitable for stomping through the Surrey Hills (lightweight and strong with robust braking surfaces) - depending on how specialist you want to be. For now, stick with what you have, ride with a group and consider TT wheels closer to summer rather than now in the depths of winter.

  • rob585rob585 Posts: 4
    Thanks for this advice, sounds very sensible! The bike is indeed new only 3 months old, and the issue of the two extremes of what I am doing - 100km+ rides, with a view to doing time trials, does pose a problem on kit selection.
  • rob585rob585 Posts: 4

    A quick follow up question. I really like my data, so have also thought about getting a powertab hub, are they any good for riding with? I am assuming the data is accurate, so I wondered what they are like to work with.

    Riding in groups is something I would love to do, though sadly my working hours are often long and its hard to make commitments, even at the weekends, hence out pounding the miles in my own time - and why I like the data feedback
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