Surprise decision - Canyon Ultimate AL 7.0

Steve236 Posts: 212
edited January 2013 in Road buying advice
Despite all my best intentions to sit on and test ride any bike I might buy and to get a proper fit I've just ordered an Ultimate AL 7.0. My reasoning is that I've test ridden 4 bikes in the last week with supposedly different geometries and I've sat a a couple of others and tbh I felt I could have got on with any of them. And talking to the different shop folk, I'm not convinced they would have set the bike up any better than I can myself after a bit of riding (plus I've been researching this purchase for nearly 6 months and I'm bored of not being able to make my mind up!)

Another thing was, every time I thought I'd fallen for a bike by online looks, the reality in the flesh was disappointing. So, despite a rather large amount of nervousness about not having seen, sat on or ridden one - I think I've made a good choice. Its well reviewed, the spec for the money seems great - its a bit more than I was looking to spend but I can't see me wanting/needing to upgrade this anytime soon and I'm fairly fit and sporty so hopefully the racier geo won't be a problem. It sounds like there are a lot of comfort-orientated features.

Oh well - just have to wait now...