ksyrium rims

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Is possible to replace the rim on ksyrium sl wheels. If so where would i get them. Thanks


  • smidsy
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    Possible but not neccesarily cost effective depending on what you actaully need and if you need to pay someone to build it. You may also have to wait a while for the bits.

    Any LBS that sells Mavic wheel should be able to order the bits.
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  • You need to go to a reputable Mavic dealer and order it through them... it will cost you somewhere in excess of 100 pounds, plus something for the rebuild (20?). If it is one rim only, it might still make sense, if it's two you are probably looking at a whole new set
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  • foggymike
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    Also if older than 5 years you are likely to run into problems as Mavic only keep spares for that long.
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    Mavic ksyrium SL are really great wheels that are both light and strong. The only problem is, when you do eventually manage to damage a rim, it's just not economically viable to replace those rims and the zicral spokes that have most lightly seized inside those expensive rims. Mavic have a woeful reputation when it comes to spares availability anyway,and I got the feeling they would prefer if you bought some new wheels instead.