MTB Fitness & DH skill training

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All right guys I am starting training to become more skilled and fitter MTBR. I am going to start by going up around Rivington moor and Darwen tower, I'm going to put as much climbing and as much downhill in as I can. So anyone want come along feel free to join. Going to start next weekend not sure what day are time but I will put further details on this forum, I'm open to advice are tips. I'm certainly not the fittest of bike riders just thought it would be a good idea to see if anyone wanted to achieve the same goal.


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    Funnily enough, after doing my first dh racers guild in december, I realised I really need to up my fitness. Been to a spinning class tonight, been meaning to for ages and so glad I did, 45 minutes of thrashing it none stop, my legs were killing on the way to the car.. do this for a while should really help. No mud aswell which is a bonus.

    I'm not far from rivvy, so will tag along at some point.
  • Thats a good idea was thinking of doing running also. I think I am going up rivvy this sataday if you want come along pal be early morning start about 9ish 10.
  • saturday going to attempt to get up to rivington lower barn for 6.30am out for 3hrs, if the roads are bad due to snow then im just going through haigh hall. I will post on forum if do not go.
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    Have you not looked out the window lately??? Be a snowman or 2 popping up soon i'm sure :)
  • :D I know but I cant resist a challenge only manage get through Haigh Hall was knackered