Freehub stopped clicking

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Ive a set of Fulcrum Racing 5's for training on and today the rear freehub stopped making the clicky noise, should I be concerned?


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    Mine hasn't clicked for months now and it's still fine. Maybe just strip it, clean and rebuild?

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    I have no idea what's going on here.
  • I have the same wheels and mine never clicked to start with but now have a low click. I just put it down to 'bedding in'
    Wheels feel fine in other aspects, no play in the hub, and seem to roll fine. I am of the feeling ...if it ain't broke.... :?
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    Maybe the lollipop stick fell out:-D
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  • I'd strip it down and have a look at the free hub body. Could maybe point towards a problem with the pawls.
  • Cheers for the replies, its done a few thousand miles so just seemed odd that it suddenly stopped. Will strip it down and have a butchers!!
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    I expect there's a build up of crap in the hub and once you service it the click will return
  • There should be a click to some degree as the pawls run and the springs release. Some are louder than others i.e. Mavics/Campag are usually loud and Shimano quite quiet. You could have a load of crud build up in there that is preventing the pawl to fully release against and do it's job properly.

    I'd strip it down, remove the pawls and degrease the lot. Take care removing the freehub body as some pawls can spring out if you rush. Upon rebuilding, use a nice thin low viscosity lube (I use hair clipper lube).
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  • Gary D
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    An observation. Is it just coincidence that there a few "freehub" problems being reported just now? :?:

    I think a lot of the problems are down to this really cold weather we are having, which causes the grease inside the freehub to get very viscous and the pawls not to engage properly or not at all.

    My first step would be to strip and thoroughly clean the freehub and re-pack with thinner grease.

    I think the same thing can happen with cables as well - they start getting sluggish in the cold and cause poor shifting.

    Anyone agree??

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